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In Budapest, facing the Pestwith Danube behind me

João Pimentel Ferreira was born in Lisbon on the twenty-second of June of 1980. He attended, as any child, a day-nursery and afterwards a basic school. At the seventh year of studies he entered in the Afonso Domingues high school situated in Marvila, a small neighbourhood in Lisbon. During his studies he always enjoyed courses related to art, history, languages, music, mathematics and physics. He was awarded during that period on the Olympiads of Mathematics; it was during these years that he started to play the piano. He started to write his first short prosaic text around the ninth grade, as it was optional on the Portuguese course. He visited Tunisia, United Kingdom and the Portuguese archipelagos during that period.

At the tenth year of his studies he applied at the same school to one electronics technological course, he has attended the lectures of this course till the twelfth year of his studies. In 1998 he entered in the Technical University of Lisbon on

the degree of Electrical and Computer Engineering, which he has already concluded. During his degree he studied in Stockholm, Sweden, on the Royal Institute of Technology, using the Erasmus programme. He plays football, he practices karate and he enjoys playing the piano. He really appreciates to investigate the history of the peoples, their languages and their cultures. He dives regularly and he adores to write Poetry and Prose as he already have published some books in Portuguese. During his attendance in university he belonged to the university newspaper, to which he cooperated as redactor and later as the responsible for the marketing affairs.

He studied English on high school and then at the Wall Street Institute. He also had five years of French at school and later he applied to one French course. He really likes astronomy and he quite believes in astrology. He adores to travel, and he's already been in Spain, Germany, UK, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. He really appreciates to programme in various computing languages like Assembly, Pascal, C, C++, C# and Matlab and he developed many personal, academic and professional projects using these languages. He also gives tutorials of Mathematics as a private teacher. If you intend to contact me or to give some suggestion, please email to

In Venice feeding pigeons

In Venice feeding pigeons

You are always welcome to browse my developed reports and software done during university, and personal projects. You are invited to check out my travel pictures and it is also possible to see some of my poems written in Portuguese and poems written in English. My Google profile is hosted in here. Finally something which I do really appreciate to do is to write on my blog. You might take a look at my Curriculum Vitae written in Portuguese. You may also download my Engineering degree certificate or my English certificate on the Wall Street Institute.