Enigma 2000

I wanted to encrypt some files and so, also for fun, I made a symmetric cryptographic algorithm in C++. Because I'm not an expert in this field, I tried to complicate, or shall I say to encrypt, the original message, adding many phases and reorders of the file.

I entitled the programme as ENIGMA 2000.

Encryption steps

It uses six phases to encrypt the file. The phases sequence depends on the password.

  • On phase 1 it just makes a 'xor' between the password and successive blocks of the file, then it inverts the file, it change the bytes order of each block and it does this cycle from the beginning again several times.
  • On phase 2 it codifies (xor) the byte[n] with the byte[n-1] and then it makes a bit rotation in blocks of 2 bytes depending on the file size.
  • On phase 3 it just inverts the file and codifies it with two bytes.
  • On phase 4 it just change the last byte by the first one.
  • On phase 5 it puts the message in one cube. The length of the cube side is the length of the password. So if the password has 8 bytes we can put on the cube 512 bytes. Then depending on the password it rotates each matrix of the cube in each direction (X Y Z). It does different rotations for different matrices on different directions. So it does 3*length(password) cube matrix rotations.
  • On phase 6 it just changes the first bit of the file :)

The password varies between 8 and 16 bytes and the file size is constant.

I know that this algorithm has lot of redundancies. It's slow, and so probably is not efficient, but I am convinced that it does make a good encryption.


You can download the executable for the Dos shell, or the source code in C++. No spyware, malware, completely free and clean.

This executable may be downloaded here, and it is also available on SourceForge.


The source code is free and it is on Github.