Videos, musics and photos

Here I put some of my songs created for Midi files. They were created using one software called Mozart, which enables you to edit music sheets and put the notes wherever you wish; then the software exports the music sheets to a midi file.

  • One lullaby song
  • One enthusiastic song named Chaos on the Piano. This song was edited to mp3 music format by Bruno Rafael and it can be listen to below
  • A very short song it seems it was triggered by a spark
  • A dedicatory to Joana
  • A song inspired by the death philosophical question
  • A kind of short term song
  • One quickly
  • A funeral march dedicated to Disc Jockeys. Song edited to mp3 by Bruno Rafael. Listen to the song below

My Mendelssohn performance at home played many years ago. It is the Mendelssohn song without words opus 102 nº4, I suppose.

Now some of the pictures of my Erasmus experience in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of these pictures were taken in many different countries and regions around Sweden or Europe

Pictures taken in Madrid during my trip throughout Spain. I visited the Real Madrid Stadium, the Prado museum and the museum dedicated to the Queen Sophie with the most beautiful works of art from masters such as Picasso or Dali

The speech I've made in Portuguese during the presentation of my short novel entitled From Prague to Pragal edited by the editor Minerva on the book Intemporal. The script can be read in here.

The speech I've made during the presentation of one my poems written in Portuguese entitled "The Act of Temptation". It was edited by Editorial Minerva on its Poiesis series. The scripts which are in verses of double rhyme evoke the divine and primary sin of Temptation. The primordial sin of mankind, which is so clearly patent on the Genesis, was the Eve's temptation for an apple, deceived by a serpent which suggested her to bite it. Eve's temptation is referred subtly on "The Act of Temptation", as the primordial sin of Eve was biting an apple deceived by a serpent, and such serpent is symbolically similar to a phallus. So "The Act of Temptation" is clearly erogenous, as it is referred on the script when one honourable married maiden is tempted by a gallant and gentle Poet. The Portuguese Poem may be read in here.

The pictures I've taken to my girlfriend on a small trip to Alcobaça, a small very beautiful city in the centre of Portugal. This trip was made with some friends of ours, Maria and Bernardo.